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Piyush Gajjar Architect

A Few Words About Us

Piyush K Gajjar is architectural model maker from Ahmedabad, India that provides consultancy in various architecture and design related Model. Since 1981, he has been engaged in various architectural model, design model etc. He believes that communication between architect, owner, consultant and contractor is the key to the successful outcome of any project. His principal practice area covers models of residential and commercial buildings, institutional, office buildings, entertainment buildings, temple, mosque, amusement parks etc.

Our Vision And Mission

Piyush Gajjar Is located at 1ST FLOOR,SECTOR-1/323,NIRNAYNAGAR,CHANDLODIA ROAD,AHMEDABAD - is India's reputed company. our vision and focus to provide customized solutions with quality and cost effective product range. A strong customer focus approach and constant quest for top class quality and services have enabled us to attain and sustain leadership position.